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Metal Spider Gag

For all of you who wants to be into the bondage life-style, the spider gag is a must have! It’s an impressive and quite different gadget when compared to classic open mouth gags. It has an improved ring which includes four metal legs that are curved. You can find a pair of legs on each […]

O-Ring Gag For Maximum Satisfaction

When wide open isn’t truly extensive enough, this awesome O ring gag will certainly get the job done. Ring gag lets you to stuff your lover’s mouth using your cock. The gag wraps comfortably around your lover’s head when the metal O Ring continues to holds their mouth area wide open. Then, you can easily […]

Ring Gag – Choose The Best One

Ring gag can be extremely enjoyable simply because they maintain your slaves mouth accessible and vulnerable. Men and women use a gag for a various purposes. Many individuals gets sexual pleasure, for other people, mouth gags have associations of misuse and power. The one who  decide to wear the gag is considered as the slavish […]

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