O-Ring Gag For Maximum Satisfaction

When wide open isn’t truly extensive enough, this awesome O ring gag will certainly get the job done.

Ring gag lets you to stuff your lover’s mouth using your cock. The gag wraps comfortably around your lover’s head when the metal O Ring continues to holds their mouth area wide open. Then, you can easily put your cock straight into the ring. O-Ring gag usually uses sleek leather to maintain the stainless steel ring safely in their mouth. This Open Gags will put you in a maximum domination over anyone who is wearing it!

It does not cause me any kind of uncomfortableness in any way when my sub has it on! It is probably most beneficial product ever made for BSDM activities.

Diamond Open Ring Gag Review

I’ve been looking for O-ring gag for just one purpose; to keep a mouth accessible so a penis can be put in. A lot of users possess a ring which has a small internal size; however the biggest ring that is available in this particular set comes with an internal size of roughly 1.5 inches, which is certainly plenty for the normal cock.


  • exchangeable ring dimensionsDiamond O Ring Gag
  • Phthalate free
  • Straps could certainly be modified as needed
  • Gorgeous diamond feature


Note: This product could potentially cause the individual to drool.

If you like this one as much as I do, you can find it here.


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