Penis Gag – Which One To Choose

inflatable gag Penis Gag   Which One To ChooseSimilar to a ball gag, a penis gag is a silicon toy that goes in the mouth to prevent a person from speaking and in the process making them feel submissive, helpless and at the whim of their dominant partner.

The only problem is, regular one come in a bunch of different sizes so depending on the size of one’s mouth it might be too small. This is where inflatable gags come in. This one is made from heavy-duty rubber and can inflate to the size of a small apple, easily filling the mouth of most people.

However, one can still breathe since there’s a rubber tube that runs along the middle to pump it up. The bulb pump makes it quick to inflate so the action and excitement won’t ever slow down. You can even pop it in their ass if you like. I’ve had mine for over a year now and it still shows no signs of wear. It’s super easy to clean (you can pop it in the dishwasher) and is comfortable to use. It tastes really neutral and has no smell either which is nice.

If you’re into BDSM and want a really exciting gag to try, then this is the one to get.


Inflatable Penis Gag

penisgag Penis Gag   Which One To ChooseI bought this inflatable penis gag for my myself and the cock on it is just perfect. It can inflate to just the perfect size so that I almost gag on it, but never quite do. I just cannot wait till my master comes home to use me like the whore I am while this is stuffed in my mouth and a butt plug in my ass. I just love gagging on this toy. It’s easily one of my favorites now and sometimes I even sleep with it on so I can feel like a slut the whole night.

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Egg fryer

Here is one interesting product that you might like it; for a limited time only (40% OFF):

eggs Penis Gag   Which One To Choose

Metal Spider Gag

spidergag 163x300 Metal Spider GagFor all of you who wants to be into the bondage life-style, the spider gag is a must have! It’s an impressive and quite different gadget when compared to classic open mouth gags. It has an improved ring which includes four metal legs that are curved. You can find a pair of legs on each side of the ring.

This device will assure that your partner can’t turn the ring inside their jaws. It provides the dominant additional control plus the view is indisputably sexier because of the structure. Together with handcuffs or bed restraints, this toy operates even better. She will be helpless to try anything except let your cum go all the way down her neck.

Note: You’ll have to be sure you’re getting the proper size, because some of them don’t have interchangeable rings (they’re made out of one piece).


Fetish Spider Gag

When I received this metal spider gag today I was thrilled. I experimented with the toy on myself right away, just to be aware what I will be doing to my partner. The gag inside my jaws felt excellent. If you have small head (just like me), I recommend you make  one or two extra slots nearer to the “ball”.

Quality banbdsm spider gags1 Metal Spider Gagd can be adjusted from approx. 15 to 24 inches.

Furthermore, it has buckles on the back to hold things securely in place.


This metal spider gag can be purchased with or without the leather-based attachment straps

If you like this one, you can get it here!



O-Ring Gag For Maximum Satisfaction

When wide open isn’t truly extensive enough, this awesome O ring gag will certainly get the job done.

Ring gag lets you to stuff your lover’s mouth using your cock. The gag wraps comfortably around your lover’s head when the metal O Ring continues to holds their mouth area wide open. Then, you can easily put your cock straight into the ring. O-Ring gag usually uses sleek leather to maintain the stainless steel ring safely in their mouth. This Open Gags will put you in a maximum domination over anyone who is wearing it!

It does not cause me any kind of uncomfortableness in any way when my sub has it on! It is probably most beneficial product ever made for BSDM activities.

Diamond Open Ring Gag Review

I’ve been looking for O-ring gag for just one purpose; to keep a mouth accessible so a penis can be put in. A lot of users possess a ring which has a small internal size; however the biggest ring that is available in this particular set comes with an internal size of roughly 1.5 inches, which is certainly plenty for the normal cock.


  • exchangeable ring dimensionsoringgags 300x200 O Ring Gag For Maximum Satisfaction
  • Phthalate free
  • Straps could certainly be modified as needed
  • Gorgeous diamond feature


Note: This product could potentially cause the individual to drool.

If you like this one as much as I do, you can find it here.


Ring Gag – Choose The Best One

ringgag 300x288 Ring Gag – Choose The Best OneRing gag can be extremely enjoyable simply because they maintain your slaves mouth accessible and vulnerable. Men and women use a gag for a various purposes. Many individuals gets sexual pleasure, for other people, mouth gags have associations of misuse and power. The one who  decide to wear the gag is considered as the slavish partner, and the other one is  considered to be the superior one.

If you wish to push your servant to sustain the mouth wide open and easily accessible, this ring gags are the best gadgets that you can get.  We provide some quality collection of leather-based mouth gags that comes in various sizes and shapes.

This ring gag is my favorite! However, I’m not actually a lover of ball gags since they don’t permit oral from me, also it may be difficult to breath. Using this type of gag my partner can easily make me blow his cock with no opposition from me. Additionally it is simple and easy to breath.

  • All ends are rounded to form ringgags 300x249 Ring Gag – Choose The Best Oneperfectly finished and sturdy leather-based item.
  • Straps can be modified as preferred
  • Convenient to use and provides comfortable access
  • Available in 4 different sizes


If you like this best selling Ring gag, you can Get It Here.


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