Ring Gags for All Kinds of Sexual Play

ring gagsBDSM or Bondage, Domination, Sado-Masochism is a trend nowadays in different relationships. Masters and their slaves continuously explore ways to make their role play games exciting and more satisfying.

One of sex toy used in this sexual power struggle play is the ring gag. Although gags are used for a variety of purposes, the gag in sexual play is a device is often worn by the ‘slave’ or the submissive partner.

As a fetish, gags can also serve as a form of punishment and humiliation with the wearer surrounding control over her or his body to the other. The sound of a person struggle over a gag causes intense arousal in some people with this kind of fetish.

How do you use a GAG?

Safety should always be first. In BDSM role play, the submissive places trust on the master and the master should take care of the submissive even in intense foreplay. It is common knowledge that using or wearing a o-ring gag can be risky.

If the gag covers the nose as well as the mouth, or if the wearer has trouble breathing through the nose and has his or her mouth covered, there will be a substantial risk of asphyxia. When the gag-wearer vomits or chokes, the airway will be blocked and the person can suffocate – which is why, it is imperative that the person gagged and bound or only gagged should never be left alone.

A couple using this kind of sex toy should have a safe word or gesture to use in case the activity becomes too much to handle. If the wearer cannot articulate his or her safe word, you can opt for loud vocal noises like grunting as a safe word alternative. A pattern of noises, such as three grunts or muffled scream and other non-verbal safety mechanism can be used to say “stop” or “enough.”

What are the most used ring gags in sexual role play?

There are plenty of mouth gags that couples can use and depending on its purpose, gags are designed differently. To know which gag to use, you should first identify what purpose it is to going serve you and your partner.

It can also depend on the taste of both parties, since BDSM can only be perfectly executed if there is consent between parties. There are plenty of gags designed differently because of how people use it. There are the ball gags, the muzzle, OTN (over the nose) or the OTM (over the mouth), cleave, butterfly and so on. Here are the more popular gags often sold and bought in sex toys stores:

Ring Gag

New Mouth GagA ring gag is safer version of the ball gag (a gag that goes around the head of the wearer with a ball to stuff the mouth with) because instead of a ball, this gag has a hollow ring that reduces the risk of choking.

It also allows access to the mouth in case the couple wants to have oral sex or insert objects in the gag-wearer’s mouth, like a dildo perhaps. The exciting thing about ring gags that drives some people crazy is how it causes the wearer to drool uncontrollably.

Best mouth gagsRing gag can be extremely enjoyable simply because they maintain your slave’s mouth accessible and vulnerable. Men and women use a gag for various purposes.

Many individuals gets sexual pleasure, for other people, mouth gags have associations of misuse and power. The one who  decide to wear the gag is considered as the slavish partner, and the other one is  considered to be the superior one.

If you wish to push your servant to sustain the mouth wide open and easily accessible, this ring gags are the best gadgets that you can get.  We provide some quality collection of leather-based mouth gags that comes in various sizes and shapes.

This ring gag is my favorite! However, I’m not actually a lover of ball gags since they don’t permit oral from me, also it may be difficult to breath. Using this type of gag my partner can easily make me blow his cock with no opposition from me. Additionally it is simple and easy to breath.

  • All ends are rounded to form perfectly finished andmouth gag
  • sturdy leather-based item.
  • Straps can be modified as preferred
  • Convenient to use and provides comfortable access
  • Available in 4 different sizes


Spider Gag

spider gagThe spider gag is similar to the ring gag and also called the second-generation ring gag.

This type of a gag has hooks on the sides to keep the wearer from flipping the ring horizontally in their mouth. But unlike the ring gag, a spider gag is not used for its aesthetics, but used because of its purpose.

Usually made with interchangeable rings, these spider gags can accommodate the size of the wearers’ mouth and the size of a dildo, a penis or any other object that the master wants to insert in the wearer’s mouth. The gag is made of steel and the head strap is usually made of leather and although it is not a pretty toy, the visual effect it gives creates a hot and exciting bondage scene.

O-Ring Gag

open mouth gagThis is another variation of the ring gag that lets you to stuff the wearer’s mouth with your cock, or a dildo or any other object in your sexual play.

With a leather strap around the head and a metal O Ring that is sometimes called an Open Ring, this gag holds the mouth wide open and also causes the wearer to drool. The O-ring can come in different sizes and made of different kinds of metal and does not cause any kind of discomfort for the wearer.

Many couples use rings which has a small internal size. The biggest o-rings come in roughly 1.5 inches – enough space to slide a cock into and cause a tight sensation as well.

Penis Gag

Also called a ‘pecker gag,’ the penis gag is usually paired with a ring or a muzzle gag attached to the strap to keep the gag in the mouth. The gag is a bulge resembling a penis with a hard-on or an erect nipple that the wearer sucks on like an adult pacifier.

This gag satisfies fetishes of different kinds with the sucking noise it makes, the drooling, the mimicking of oral sex and other erotic connotation. The penis gag or the pecker gag is designed as wide and flat or large with a silicon bulge that will or almost fill the wearer’s mouth with the intention to depress the tongue. It will give the wearer difficulty in speaking, but will not make it difficult for them to breathe.

If you’re into BDSM and/or exciting sexual activities, you can try out these gags that don’t taste weird, has no smell, easy to use and clean and interesting for couples who want to do something new in bed. Just keep the basic safety precautions in mind and with consent, you and your partner can enjoy using gags to satisfy your fetishes or just have some good old fun in the bedroom.

When wide open isn’t truly extensive enough, this awesome O ring gag will certainly get the job done.

Ring gag lets you to stuff your lover’s mouth using your cock. The gag wraps comfortably around your lover’s head when the metal O Ring continues to hold their mouth area wide open. Then, you can easily put your cock straight into the ring. O-Ring gag usually uses sleek leather to maintain the stainless steel ring safely in their mouth. This Open Gags will put you in a maximum domination over anyone who is wearing it!

It does not cause me any kind of uncomfortableness in any way when my sub has it on! It is probably most beneficial product ever made for BSDM activities.

Diamond Open Ring Gag Review

I’ve been looking for O-ring gag for just one purpose; to keep a mouth accessible so a penis can be put in. A lot of users possess a ring which has a small internal size; however, the biggest ring that is available in this particular set comes with an internal size of roughly 1.5 inches, which is certainly plenty for the normal cock.


  • exchangeable ring dimensionsDiamond O Ring Gag
  • Phthalate free
  • Straps could certainly be modified as needed
  • Gorgeous diamond feature


Note: This product could potentially cause the individual to drool.

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